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Added text classification NLTK+SciKitLearn on movie reviews

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# Large Movie Review Dataset
# using
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
print("Loading the train and test corpus")
import os
import pandas as pd
def load_data(directory, label, instances=100000): # one document per file
list_of_docs = []
list_of_labels = []
for file in os.listdir(directory):
if instances and len(list_of_docs) > instances:
fname = os.path.join(directory, file)
with open(fname, encoding="utf8") as text_file:
text =
df = pd.DataFrame()
df['text'] = list_of_docs
df['label'] = list_of_labels
return df
positive_reviews_dir = r"d:\Data\aclImdb\train\pos"
negative_reviews_dir = r"d:\Data\aclImdb\train\neg"
train_corpus = load_data(positive_reviews_dir, "positive") #train_corpus = pd.DataFrame(columns=['text', 'label'])
train_corpus = train_corpus.append(load_data(negative_reviews_dir, "negative"), ignore_index=True)
print("Train corpus sample:\n", train_corpus.head())
print("Train corpus shape:", train_corpus.shape)
test_positive_reviews_dir = r"d:\Data\aclImdb\test\pos"
test_negative_reviews_dir = r"d:\Data\aclImdb\test\neg"
test_corpus = load_data(test_positive_reviews_dir, "positive") #test_corpus = pd.DataFrame(columns=['text', 'label'])
test_corpus = test_corpus.append(load_data(test_negative_reviews_dir, "negative"), ignore_index=True)
print("Test corpus shape:", test_corpus.shape)
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
print("Initialize text pre-processing")
import nltk
tokenizer = nltk.tokenize.RegexpTokenizer(r'\w+')
stopwords = nltk.corpus.stopwords.words("english")
lem = nltk.stem.wordnet.WordNetLemmatizer()
def preprocess(text):
tokens = tokenizer.tokenize(text) # tokenizacija s pomočjo privzete NLTK funkcije za tokenizacijo
lowercased = [word.lower() for word in tokens] # male črke
without_stopwords = [word for word in lowercased if word not in stopwords] # odstranitev blokiranih besed
lemmatized_tokens = [lem.lemmatize(x) for x in without_stopwords] # lematizacija
return lemmatized_tokens
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
print("Tf-idf transform")
from sklearn.feature_extraction.text import TfidfVectorizer
tfidf = TfidfVectorizer(tokenizer=preprocess, stop_words=None, max_features=5000)['text'])
train_data = tfidf.transform(train_corpus['text'])
test_data = tfidf.transform(test_corpus['text'])
#feature_names = tfidf.get_feature_names()
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
print("Train and test classification models")
from sklearn import metrics
from sklearn import linear_model
from sklearn import naive_bayes
from sklearn import svm
classifiers = [
("Naive Bayes", naive_bayes.MultinomialNB()),
("Logistic regression", linear_model.LogisticRegression(solver='lbfgs')),
("SCV", svm.LinearSVC())]
for name, classifier in classifiers:, train_corpus['label'])
predictions = classifier.predict(test_data)
print(name, metrics.accuracy_score(predictions, test_corpus['label']))
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
print("Predict on new data")
new_documents = ["I loved this movie.",
"The storyline was boring, while the action was great.",
"The end was very unexpected, I didn't let me sleep for a week."]
new_data = tfidf.transform(new_documents)
for name, classifier in classifiers:
predictions = classifier.predict(new_data)
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